Good grief:: I need website relief!

Ideas that stick
Being able to come up with ideas and being able to implement and execute are two completely different worlds, rare do they meet other than through collaboration and cooperation between two total polar opposites.

Are few and far between.  The true legends, in my opinion, are Walt Disney and Steve Jobs.  Then there are so many others that come to mind when this thought occurs.  They are able to combine BOTH the talent of the creative sphere while wildly ground by logic and purpose by which they can tenaciously execute.

Is the innate inner core of their psyche.  It isn't inherited or taught.  It is almost as unique as DNA.  It can be the byproduct of your upbringing, your values (real, historical, current beliefs), morality, charisma, intuitiveness, academia, inventor, and on and on are unique elements to which each individual has which makes them unique.

Is the final product, the birth of your custom variable combination of characteristic attributes in varying degrees or percentages.  To arrive at you, me, and any one person on earth.  

Is the fashion in which you convey your message.  By expression, by tone or by emphasis whether by vocal or physical movements or facial reflection.  

A domain has been set aside, settled upon, which will require some attention.  That's the fun part of creating a vision.  I may be sweating the small stuff when I know in my heart it will convey who I am and satisfy my thirst to help others .... as I've said, maybe not recognizable, to help others move beyond average to remarkable.  My website will have this goal.

Good thing I did map out on a spreadsheet some categories and elements that I want to include on my website.  This isn't anything that anyone can make decisions on more importantly online as managing the brand of which is you.  That becomes a far more daunting task.  

Will be in the pudding if your website can reflect a really strong sense of who you are.  When we think of the world in terms of billions of people, times that exponentially by the number of clicks online.  

You can leave behind.  Your gift to the world by sharing that gift, should be considered when you think that all would be needed is ongoing website hosting support, indefinitely, to which you can leave a legacy.  Your art, your head for business, your eye on graphics, your talent in writing and story telling or illustrations or photographic mastery.

Of creating a website should be considered really important to your brand and your image.  It is what you are paid for by your shareholders, advertisers, or consumers.  

Is not everything.  Yet sometimes it settles so many things.  Think of some of the greatest minds such as Stephen Hawking and you quickly forget the vessel or body to which that mind has been entrusted to, increases in importance when you consider just that.

In what you portray.  Not who you want to become, but real to who you are, growing in steps with a journey of knowledge insight and amassed intelligence along the way, while holding dear to your core character.  If it quality you want to be, then quality should be what you are looking at, appreciation for the world and animal kingdom beauty, not a sexy pout that may as well be in a cage instead of animals who did not decide that they wanted to be the object of oogles and googles and egos and upkeep, because the outer side our bodies can magnify our importance towards physical beauty, yet the best character evolution comes from surrounding oneself in a universe they want to be absorbed in.

Dreaming or scheming
Either can be fleeting (oh, a rhyme, lol).  Create real goals that are realistic and achievable.  Just remember that upon each step on the ladder of progress, the ladder goes up another rung at the top.  The weight can be lifted as your feel closer to your dreams meeting with reality.

Integrity, honesty, commitment
Are qualities that you demand of anyone before you give your trust.  Then that should be a larger hiccup or hurdle in your growth.  If you fail at honesty, integrity, then you will lose sight of any commitment or it deteriorates or rots when lacking the ability to build trust.  

Trust begets loyalty
You only create an atmosphere that welcomes loyalty.  Loyalty is the reward for that dedication towards building and earning trust.  

Decisions will be made
Some are easier than others.  Distinguishable similarly to a color scheme or room lighting selection.  Hardships aside.  Those will test your commitment.  Decisions can result in mistakes but tenacity within character can withstand and rebound from setbacks.  

Inspire others
Is something that only a fragment of our world truly earn:  to be inspired by.  We think of Gandhi or Nelson Mandela in the very small club.  As examples.

 Leave a small footprint, a tiny dent in our world.  Leave it a better place for others to learn from and aspire to, with purpose, and understanding that usually it comes long after hard work.

- end -

Mon adieu, HUH? What the heck! ...... wink WINK :~)

Goofing around on MicroSoft PAINT (tm)
on Valentines Day curing Shingles/Skin Infection

I've blogged about "Career Limiting Moves" on my Word Press Yuppydom blog:  when you bleep at your company or send an email OR Linked In Message (if you weren't connected, then there would be no reason to think that you are on their watch pile, so you'd not feel the entitlement of communicating your opinion.  Well, I won't go on about THAT now.  Let's just say, it would be a great publicity stunt to get into the news eh?  For an $11 Billion profitable world class organization, bred in Canada, to get involved with disgruntled customers and even less employees (whom the public seem to always side with and can ignite rage and nose-dive profits ....... that would be an interesting blog under aCOMMENTary wouldn't it?  (Talking to self).  

p.s.  No, I have NOT imbibed a drop of wine (handy C***0 by my side | will include company name if payment via donation has been received | Upon completion of this blog, I will go to see if I can register said name on Twitter, etc.  so that I can ensure that I get credited (and paid for my idea >my personal currency is my IDEAS derived from thought fueled by knowledge< would be nice for a change .... or a few dollars>wink WINK :~)  

Initiate opportunity to GROW:
  Challenge ***** to a competition on who is the most influential voice not internally, or regionally but worldwide.  I'd be happy to use my Project Management + Magazine Publishing + Advertising Account Executive + President's Club Winner'ism + Idea + Creative:  I can launch the contest upon approval by both you and ** *********. 

If this isn't the boldest challenge
in 4ever longtime ago, eh?   What does the WINNER get?  2 B the voice of *Company name could be inserted 4 a fee* on all Social Media Channels and J** Sites internally, to get things shaking; creating conversations (I began Twitter Notoriety by co-Hosting a #SalesChat hashtag online chat, breaking through the clutter to create intimate conversation).

Oh yeah, can't forget: the "Prize"
A one-year contract that pays $100,000 to the winner, who will have | duh, what else/"\ her own blog (called ***** Ambassador of the Year), YouTube Channel, ***** J** site, and all the videos and photography with captions or narration to create a mood and a vibe.  

The vibe?  Pride. 
 Pride at the caliber of our customers, if not a bit quirky on the inside.    So what do you say?  Typically nothing:  as you are not engaging with anyone online ... maybe both need a little coaching on creating a personality more than a persona | the real person behind the shield is not what you may not be showing right now?  Anyhow, I will be posting this on my P******** and g**** blogs.  I'm working on a website as a result of being off work less than a week because of Shingles which evolved a secondary infection.  

I will be posting
it on one of my blogs; maybe, I'll leave clues on where to go next::... but the compensation first:  would be a deal at the equivalent of $60K/yr  .... with work-from-home where i will set the hours based on online activity by viral or trending topics.  In fact, I would Tweet about this ***** Contest on Twitter as ********Award {I'll go reserve it as proof of my idea, for minimal compensation of $10,000 AFTER tax, benefits, payroll, union dues, payroll lottery and marked-up cafeteria because of S****** (or something like that who food services is ripping employees off as a profitable revenue venture).  

I am one half of the way to earning compensation for what I do online and soon-to-be-much larger | my firm belief or fictional imagination | .... I am business AND sales savvy .... I just think that ***** really needs to be super-charged with its employees.  Who are drained, overworked, under-appreciated and bullied by either their peers, customers or support person.  

Please feel free to reply to me here to get the ball rolling.  I respect and appreciate that you have people who sift through your communications and have me in the garbage dunk pile.  Hopefully, you WILL get THIS message as an IDEA to initiate opportunity, done through change, emerging a greater culture than ever, one to be envied, which you both could take credit for ;)

Warmest regards,
Jeannette Marshall

p.s.  I would have applied for the "********Award BUT my "Support Person" nor her "Support Person" didn't reach Directorship for sure .... none told me about this award, in almost 3 years that one could qualify for winning a trip to a GALA in Vancouver (yes! my style) .... I'll leave that for another blog.  Whichever one.  Hopefully, the one as the ***** Social Media AMBASSADOR because of my reach on my own steam of 21K followers and in excess of a million views on Google | those are the stats I have to back myself up.  How would you measure my success?  Easy:  I give you a report on where @*****JAM starts out and it will be both a report on just numbers then another one on the organizations thermometer:  tempo from drained, angry, but not angry enough to quit to engaged, motivated, love their jobs, can't wait to get into work.  Heck, author a book and capture the journey for other organizations to learn from and become a benchmark in the world.

This could evolve into something else if I do get fired.  Imagine the surprise if it is even acknowledged?  How many employees are brimming with a strong vibe of talent and energy that are subjected to bullying behavior by their immediate supervisor?  I wouldn't call this WWW (acronym for:  Wicked Witch of the West) a "boss" or even a "manager" unless referencing:  "micro-manager" (there's another idea for a blog via research and reading:  what does micro-managing cost the company and, besides health, the employee?  (We know that every major health risk, adjacent to smoking and excess drinking, would be STRESS)

Thanks for joining me.  Next up:  getting the sales and social media juices going after being afflicted by Shingles that went into a secondary infection while still be harassed by the WWW.  Sometimes just writing on here is a release of sorts.  As hitting 50, I think your "give a dam" meter gets super-charged and your typical tact goes by the wayside, of which you've earned upon reaching this milestone.  To the chagrin of loved ones (which is just about everybody ... yeah, you nailed it:  "except the WWW".)

Hey ~ how about those name mess ups in the United States (did you hear how yesterday the President said "Pierre" Trudeau .... or that Spicer guy is really creating comedic relief when he called him "Joseph Trudeau"..... His name is Justin Trudeau.  He is our Prime Minister.  He is stepping up into the job, regardless of the climb or shoes he had to fill.  (Maybe I will finally have something to blog about on anEDITORIALpage?)

Stay tuned, regardless.  It's always a ride.  I'm not afraid of the Roller Coaster from the anticipation of the climb to the thrill of going down. 

My mascot:  Buddy 

A little bit of this :-( and a lot more of THAT :o)

Anyone who has read this blog more than a few times (which most fall under) has joined me in reflection, especially approaching my birthday.  Every person, businessperson, sales professional, artist, writer, creator, imagineer, imageer and optioneer should do this annually:  

Your own Annual Life Plan
Taken with a twist on my REALLY popular Blog called "The 90-Day Plan" (I really wish I knew who the person was to give it a lift, sharing it somehow outside my typical social media radar.  

Before you can move FORWARD 
you have to have a heart to heart with yourself.  Seriously.  Honestly.  Barely a hairs breath away from your nose touching the mirror.

It can be your Journaling all at once!  
For any other procrastinators like me.  Once I discovered a way to exhaust my mindfulness times 100% ::... by BLOGGING!  

A cork popped open ||\\"//|| 
Ideas that had been brewing began to become released.  By sharing knowledge and seeking even more to fill up the depleted.  

New Curiosities
unfold, gliding across your vision or glimpse of an expression, a beautiful attention getter image.

Stretching the imagination
because as it explodes into the universe, some small particles, fall glittering into a receptive hand.

My year in review
has been one of where I have been putting others first.  Not an easy feat to consider the impact one has on others, and try to obtain a lofty one, for them, not me.  That is one of the biggest struggles I've been wrestling with:  am I an impostor of greatness?  Was I really a big sales professional once upon a time?  Maybe I got lucky for a few years when the timing was right.

A social media experience
as I ride the waves from the tide pushed by others before me.  Am I just a toe in or knee deep?  Thank goodness for analytics to appeal to my numerical musical notes, de-scrambling and decoding information that is mine for the taking, just as I log on and click in.  

Like a sponge floating
soaking up, but not falling too deep beyond the grasp of realization that maybe I've been looking at it all wrong.  I mean, I read A-LOT!  It never sinks me in, it expounds wonder at all the information at my disposal, my right, my actions, my clicks revealing a true, authentic person.  

Not a persona but a brand
I've been continuing the brand I started so many years ago.  I tap into what has delighted me (like last night I was surfing the PINs on PINTEREST on "figure skating")  .... who cares how long I look?  Nobody, my WIFI provider LOVES the moola it extracts from me:  I have an "unlimited data plan".  

True Authenticity
is when you allow your spirit and soul to guide you to what you find intriguing, moves you in its beauty.  The next wave a super social media rock stars will need to be authentic in a crowded noise of ME me ME (like Guy Kawasaki, who forgets was among his small tribe when he moved on to Google Plus G+ not remembering who they were, ah-hem, like moi).  

I didn't adopt someone else 
to build my brand by trying to be someone I am not, claim to know something I do not, brag about knowing someone to build your brand?  Well, my not-so-reciprocal friends aka |devils in disguise| narcissists | fake | crooks | egotistical | famed | self-proclaimed experts.

Honesty has been my guiding star
towards bright lights without sunglasses to block the glow.  Truthfulness is a strength in character, it is ingrained and cannot be replicated by large degrees.

Believe in me?
The jury is still out.  I just know that I'm not doing my God-given gift.  I keep looking and stretching to find it.  Sometimes I think maybe I've found it, when instead I've found some new great hobbies ::... like painting objects and making them into art.  Really a fun sidekick to have.  

I may have become too scattered
creating far too many blogs, when here I should just write.  Focus on making one site really really good, then a bunch of others mediocre.

I've had this ah-HA moment before
I realize.  When I was jumping from advertising to the world of publishing ::... the how before the what.

The how before the what
Is really what makes me stand out.  I'm not suggesting that I really do, but I was trying to appease you, your time and dedication for reading thus far.  

Whether it is sales, business or communication people gravitate to the explosive environment we allow ourselves to tumble into ::.... traditional media that has the explosion with headline before any details.  Saying WHAT??!!??

I gravitate towards  the HOW
which basically covers the how, the who, the where, the speculation as to the why, or the scientific explanation of the how.  I think people's eyes and sensibilities are been drummed out of the noise, and only ENGAGE with those they believe appeals to their own values, opinions, knowledge, genre, topics, interests, hobbies, visuals, emotional well being, what grabs them NOW.  

I'm going to continue on this journey
with you by my side.  Continual in experimentation on a quest for new insights.  The insights that I share may be long and somewhat rambling.  But there is a nugget in there somehow.  

Too many people haven't discovered
who they are so they try to invent themselves to be someone they're not.  For personal, professional, relationship reasons, known only to themselves.  They hide behind a character or persona in which they want the world to see them as.

An enthusiast
is what I tagged myself.  Does it really suit me?  OKay, thanks for the reminder mirror | DANG! (borrowed from my 22 y/old lovely daughter) | I am not always in a good mood.  Gasp, shocked?  Probably not those that know me and still love me would say.  

Determined and tenacious
would be a common affront in succinctly describing me.  That's what is great.  As a woman who is 5 ft TALL and petite curvy figure ::.... it is a gracious honor to be synonymous with STRENGTH.

A nod for the new year ahead
will be the stretch to willpower.  Where I should examine these fair questions:

Am I trying to prove something?
To myself?  To someone else? Or bigger?
Am I doing my hardest to avoid and stay out of toxic environments or people? Am I being true to my GIFT that I am working to discover:  a teacher? a writer? an advertising Adonna?  | HA!  Google Chrome spell check:  "Ladonna, Madonna, Donna" | fooled YA!  Yes, I meant to make up a new word since GURU isn't even in the cards for a lot of knowledge to beget.

A website
I've been struggling with this for almost two years.  It doesn't fall under my PROCRASTINATION leanings, but I keep coming up with ideas on sections, which will fall under an umbrella of an e.zine.  I have experimented with blogs, Word Press, Go Daddy | good grief: worst experience EVA!  They didn't mind taking my money | "there's a sucker born every milisecond on the internet" | they fall into my bucket of ::... "NEVER AGAIN" pile.  Of which there are few, it's a small crowd, like my "former dentist" Lee (first or last name, I'll never tell, except from what it rhymes with "Cal-gar-y" ('y' pronounced "Eeee")

I'm going to write and let him know.  This young fellow, who shall not be named, unless agreed to by name).  I would like to showcase his work from Word Press websites.  

What's in a name?
I can't settle on a name is what a name is about.  You'd be surprised how much time I spend waving on the tide of websites, website hosts, and a few creative outfits in between.  

designCA has been born.  I guess pretty much anything I spend doing ends up in a blog of some sorts.  I launched it about a week ago.  What I want to do is showcase what I uncover for the social media crowd or blogging tribe.  Tools, resources, gallery, creative, writing host of a colossal kind!  

Getting pumped up
now, creative juices flowing unabated, from feeling a strong sense of cabin FEVER since my skin erupted from either Shingles or a skin reaction/infection | doctors have conflicting prognosis | first time ever the Wicked Witch of the West has been nice to me in months, if exactly a year ago from now.

I think I have an idea
so I guess I better go.  Thanks for joining me while I uncork another idea for others to be amused by, inspired from or motivated to ..... JUST DO IT!