a REFLECTIVE reflection

FAVIM.com is a great site to check out if you have a creative eye

The following blog was originally written and posted on my "A Commentary" blog (without the lead in image above, I added that now).  

I was reviewing what I had written and realized it is something that I usually cover in MEANDERINGSabout blog. 

Then I got to thinking, not unusual for me after the sun goes down, it is more reflective than reactive .... there are areas pertinent to The optioneerJM blog here.  

So, I decided to do it more like a social media experiment.  Is there any benefit to cross-linking internally.  Meaning, three blogs under the same umbrella with Google:  could they help increase the reaction or traction to the original blog, or is the reaction (meaning clicks) coming from mostly those who subscribe independently.  
Google's analytics for Blogs is superior to most.  As a blogger with Word Press I did forewarn that I was going to start comparing the values each bring.  

There is a lot of power behind Google, which settles my suspicion it would help when I launched this, my first blog, optioneerJM.  They toss scraps over my way when people are "googling" a topic within the topic of sales ... kinda like they have links or results swayed to the strong player and then the miscellaneous or "everything else" comes my way.  I'm not complaining, I'm sharing my findings as I go along.

The one thing that I can say that Word Press seems to have stronger than Google's blogspot and that is the blog community itself.  Word Press authors seek out to read and support others when they like the content.  Synopsis:  Word Press has a stronger community of Bloggers than Google.  However, Google's engines do try to chug away and make up the difference, they just haven't figured out a way to slip into the middle of those results ... searches within a platform like Word Press.  

I think that open source development is the way to go.  Why?  It is simple.  There was a really really BIG EXAMPLE on a business failure because of not having open sourcing:  think HP's Tablet.  They were ahead of the curve on the product development, but it came down to one corporate decision that wrote the failure on the wall:  deciding to keep the code private.

The race that ensued shortly around that time was Apple's heady emergence on the scene.  I continuously marvel how Steve Jobs could pick up pieces that were missing or underutilized and maximize that very thing and it appears that Apple was innovative and HP was risk averse.  The difference between being bold and being sold out.  

Sold out can mean that HP started to let its shareholders run their business.  I'm going to write more about that on a dedicated blog.  I've reflected, reviewed, and revisited with former colleagues at HP, and have started to develop some opinion.  It's an intriguing story really.  How could one of Collins "Good to Great" companies self-destruct so pitifully.  The straight answer:  they began to lose sight of its original vision and culture: "about solving problems by really smart people who cared about each other." ~Jeannette Marshall (quote)

Here you go loyal followers and subscribers .....

I tend to go on about stats and such on my optioneerJM blog since that is where the conversation about social media or soME seems to have some traction.  I really started out there writing about sales primarily, then shifted to include leadership and business with social media dialogue emerging frequently.

That's a tough position to be in because your golden followers, the ones who began the journey with you deserve and have earned your return loyalty and acknowledgement.  

The strange part of me is I constantly seek feedback online from trusted advisors, and I can take it.  However, if it is someone looking at me, with eye contact and giving me feedback, if it isn't filtered with empathy and professionalism, I can feel attacked.

Writing to the loyal followers is paramount to a business or a blog.  That's a mutual reward for sticking around together.  And as the object of that feedback, you take it more positively because they've grown to know you over a few years at least.  They aren't adding their own ingredients of bias into the equation.  People feel threatened if they recognize an element of your personality that they internally, personally feel that you lack.  That can make things get rubbed the wrong way.

To be told by a senior manager, that "people feel threatened by you" is something a person has to grapple with and grasp.  I don't think any one individual person consciously thinks they're a bad person.  The bad aren't even in your sphere because they know they're bad and proud of it.

Let's take how a woman dresses.  It shouldn't be a key factor in this day and age but it is.  You can be both the victim and the judge at the same time.  I am a clothes horse, even call myself a "fashionista" with the more humbling affiliation that I'm "fighting my 50s" so as to remove ego when is not there.

No dress code does not mean you look like you will
 jump into bed when you get home

How a person dresses, in my opinion, reflects to the world a statement:  "this is how I feel about myself".  You can relate even better when you think about when you are sick with a cold, a nose so raw and red from blowing it.  You feel lousy and look it.  You underscore how you are feeling with a ballgown?  Hardly, more likely the biggest, loosest flannel PJ bottoms, fluffiest slippers or lumberjack grey socks and a rebel Tshirt you wouldn't be caught grocery shopping in!  That's my point.  I agree that Hollywood and movies often portray the really efficient, bitchy boss dressed in a suit with not a hair out of place, so polished and poised.

I don't intimidate people by how I act, it is their preconceived notions before I've even opened my mouth.  Which can be annoyingly long-winded.  You won't walk away without replaying it or thinking about it again.

  This works well on the sprite that she is
 yet it would look dreadful on me:  5 ft and 55

My talkative, gregarious nature doesn't tee up with a suit.  It should be more Bohemian in style and mannerism shouldn't I?

My point today being that we should not evaluate and file anyone away or into a category based on a 5 second visual.  You are short changing yourself from what could be a great adventure, exchange of wits, a few laughs.  That is one of the main attractions of social media:  your voice is translated via keys communicating in such a way and in an acceptable manner that you listen to the person, you observe the message.  In its nakedness, you make your judgement, evaluation, and determination to join that person's ranks.  A photo or visual is after the fact.  What is appealing is that communications style that others gravitate towards while others with bias refuse to get to know them because of that first 5 seconds.  With social media, it may only be 1 or 2 seconds, but the benefits are far reaching, the risk obsolete, the ability to control (block, unfollow, ignore) your environment online is much more peaceful than anywhere else.


My kinda fashion for "Business Casual" or "Casual Friday" Looks.  Really comfortable with the jacket off, yet the jacket is there to ward off the chills OR attend that last minute meeting scheduled.

Although this was sourced as a PLUS fashion, the lines and curves packaged professionally is bang on with this look!  It compliments a figure with or without curves.  In either case, it is not bashful or hides the fact that you are a woman.  In fact, where it to the next All Boys meeting you attend to visually communicate that yes, you are a woman, and your ideas will add value.
Classic look, nice cut lines, tailored look.
A great look for a job interview or a performance review

If you want to add volume where others have curves
this would be a great look for someone slim or tall
I wouldn't recommend this if you're curvy
 or plus size as it will add weight where you don't want it.
 The shoes say "I'm going clubbing at lunchtime"
 while the suit conveys professionalism
 They are in conflict with each other.

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for keeping your attention
and you reading to the end

Create content on social media that sticks

The power of creative visuals

Most of us learn by reading blogs like this or observing a great example by someone else and then adopting the idea.

Google Plus (G+)

In my opinion, Google Plus (G+) displays images the best.  I was fortunate to be one of the initial adopters of G+.  What I like about G+ also is that the stream is not crowded unless you are following bazillions of people.

Guy Kawasaki

Guy is the first person I first initially noticed always had a strong visual to compliment his posts to emphasize his posts on G+ and whom I adopted this idea from his lead.

I've written about it, and walk the walk all the time by including strong visuals.  I do like powerful photo images and keep a folder on my PC desktop to host some of my favorites.

Creates strong visuals also and artists can always use the boost when you credit them for their creation.

When I'm in a certain mood, I will pull them out, look for a quote from a Google search that I feel compliments the image.  Then I have it for posting on Twitter, Facebook or Google Plus mostly.

You can do a Google Search on anything.  I will do the search and then pop into the images tab across the top of the page (not just the answers Google has supplied) to see what goodies I will find.  It's not always foolproof and sometimes I have to hunt a little harder.

Google search result for "Best of Pinterest Images"

Is like my file cabinet that I want to keep to reference later on.  You can sort things by topic or categorize however you are inspired.  When you pin anything, it is displayed on Pinterest's main page, so it can filter across the screen of unknown Pinners who can like or rePIN it themselves.  It can attract new followers.


Asked me this question to answer:  "How do you create content on social media that gets noticed?" and this was my answer, unedited, fresh from the source:

  1. Include powerful images. Visual creativity can be another talent that is rewarded by using images in posts.
  2. I like to find images around the web and use them for my blogs. Along the way, when I find an image that appeals to me, I will adopt it, add either my own quote or one that resonates with the message I’m trying to convey.
  • HOW TO ADD TEXT TO IMAGES: I’m not an elaborate user, have had to experiment a fair bit, and apply trial and error to get it right. I use MicroSoft PAINT. Lately, I’ve experimented with adding borders to include my quote so as to avoid ruining the image or if I don’t want to have text running across it.
  • PEOPLE LOVE QUOTES: I can be inspired to create a quote while I’m blogging and extend it to share across social media.
  • IDENTIFY yourself on your creations so that if your quote/image is shared, your name is carried.
  • IMAGE SOURCE: I try to include the photographer or artist to give them credit and recognition as often as possible.
By invitation

What I have found to be cool is that after creating these quotes with art or photos for a while, you may find yourself invited to groups to add or share content.  That is a nice reward for being prepared to do trial and error. This can increase awareness tenfold because the likelihood is that others who share the same interest, are likely to LIKE or SHARE your stuff.  If you customize it, then it should stand out.


Using your manners and going out of your way to thank people, attracts notice.  As with KARMA, you attract what you send out.  Never underestimate the powerful attraction of being polite.

How to use Paint to add text:

I will show you how I create the right atmosphere to 
share a quote.  Here are a few tips when using Paint:


You can get a pretty close match to your text 

color by using the dropper 

Just add text:

1) Select TEXT icon

2) Create Text Box

3)  Select color (click on dropper icon {the color you selected before for the border should still be saved} then choose the font, text size, boldness, you want.

and VOILA!

Give it a try
Certainly, there are apps and software out there to help you create your unique masterpiece like CANVA, etc.  However, since I started using PAINT, after trial and error, I've become more adept at using it.  I may not be a graphic designer, but I know what I like when I see it.  PAINT allows me to fiddle around and be creative.

Sometimes, I admit, I don't always find what I am looking for, so I just create it.  I use my mouse as my drawing tool, whether to create or enhance an image.   Obviously, I need more practice.

I certainly have fun fooling around on PAINT.

Surfing around the curiosity yonder

Just answer the question DAMMIT!

I have this underwritten rule, that has been private up until now.  Because I recognize that in order to become a voice others trust, I have to be honest. 

Truth be told
 The rule is that I don't read much on other people's take on social media.  The reason being, I don't want my own interpretation by tarnished or skewed by someone else.  I confess that I was really tempted to go look at Marie Smith (Facebook Guru referenced on right sidebar under "Social Media" references) to see what Marie would say, but I dug deep and realized it was not unlike trying to sell magazine ads to someone.  

What can you expect?
They are asking what to expect and leaning on their network to find the answer.  Thinking someone would step up and stand out with a strong, accurate answer.

The answer business
is a fine way to bring to attention your strengths and attributes.  One of the reasons I was willing to escape Linked In Group discussion was after finding someone practically cut and paste part of an answer from me.  

On the brighter side
The good ones stand out and the shady ones also.   You kinda get a strong sense you're on the good side when you get invites to connect from strangers in unique industries you are not as familiar with.

Stand out
So you can stand out, if you know your stuff. I still exchange tweets or message some of my best and still-current connections from Linked In to this day.  It was mutual admiration society or similar interest ville. 

Refreshing honesty
seems to be a welcome introduction to newbies and war-weary veterans of surfing around, doing research, comparing, accumulating facts, looking stuff up, passing the time, gaming, watching mindless dribble, FAILheaven, and so on. 

Ah Quora Quora QUORA
Since I blogged about the sprinkling of requests to have more people answer questions properly, Quora is sorting through its people of subscribers and members to weed through to ask some to answer questions.  It can subtly flag it to others, or other questions it wants to send your way.

Since I talked about this value added feature yesterday, I have had 15 requests to Answer Questions emailed by Quora to me as Notifications in the last 24-hour period and counting (yeah, that was the jist of the article where I suggested people like numbers and lists, eek).  

Curious warriors
strength in not always in numbers, but the strength of the numbers can carry a lot of weight.  Quora's value proposition is it is a beauty trap for all the curious minds out there, opinion seekers, third opinion needers, answer-ers and not necessarily blowhards.

Alas, a question I discovered tonight was under a new group I'd joined for social marketers.  As I was about to close the page, like a beacon or a candy to beckon me, I went into the group.  The first question caused me to feel compelled to answer, taking a rest from Quora, and seeing how the responses are received over here:


Could you please advice me a strategy to run successful Ad campaign on facebook. Thanx

Marketing Professional

A: my answer~

There is a really important common point here:  who do you want to reach (i.e. aka target audience)?  

I get where you are coming from however,  Manjusha. It's kinda like asking a yes or no question and getting layered with excuses and/or seemingly unrelated or incorrect information and/or all.  

The right kind of social media partner should be able to identify what to expect from a Facebook advertising spend;  it's not that difficult for me to pinpoint because I sold magazine ads in a newspaper town, so I get how you must be feeling.

There are organic ways to grow within Facebook.  I'm a fan of this method because, although it is much slower paced, your connections tend to be more memorable and long lasting.  

Under this guise, I would suggest you join GROUPS, a really powerful feature and offering of value add by Facebook.