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 "Do or die, master the art of public speaking." 

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Three cheers to:

Chrome's "Spell Check" behind the master 

minds of Google ::: only the richest billionairest 

corporations in the UNIVERSE (now renamed, 

and fall under the umbrella of "Alphabet") They

definitely earns props  for dethroning Apple ::

We knew you could do it.  Who's we?  The early

 adopters of G+ and your Blogspot blogging 

platform, and Reader, of  course.  

We certainly know who we are.  I even

know who make it hip ::: Guy Kawasaki :: who

cares what his original claim to fame was?  He is

now one of the most revered, admired Social

Media superstars.  

Why do I love Chrome's "Spell Check" (will fact

check later and insert name and link later).  I 

don't really think I even subscribed to it.  I think 

that the whiz kids at Google (now Alphabet) just

have gotten soooooooooooooooooooooo clever 

at intuitively knowing what I want before I even 

know I need it.

If you are not using Chrome as your web brow-

ser, you are sorely missing out.  

FACEBOOK:  Not to be ignored.  I have often 

said, along with so many others before me:  

trust your instincts and follow your passions, 

that are fueled by your reading to accumulate 

more knowledge.  

I have been known to say, that you have to pick

your priorities, which really are ladders to your

goals, your Everest.  ( I highly recommend this

movie under the #bestofeverything must see

right now before the Oscars take over and dom-

inate what you will watch in the very near future).

I admit that I have worked a fair bit, but still

manage to write more frequently (when you 

factor in my Meanderings or inBETWEENers 


I am the perpetual procrastinator, which recently

was said to indicate strong creativity.  What I

want to find out is how Facebook picked me?

I see a lot of folks trying to befriend me.  Now it 

is well over a hundred a day.  I can't keep up 

with the private messages.  I had to turn off 

notifications for Facebook off of my phone 

because I have texts set to vibrate and calls to 

theme of "Game of Thrones".

Thank you, Mr. Zuckerberg for your support.  I

am humbled.  Then again, perhaps there is

some sort of contest going on that the rest of

the world was aware of:  who can gather more

intelligence from its users??  Right now, it 

appears that Alphabet's Google is running the 

lead spot.

But wait, while we watch the traditional players 

in the computer space like HP, IBM, Microsoft, 

Apple try to dominate the cloud!  Stay awake 

boys because who is going to own the data?  

I can hint:  it isn't going to be any one of you!!

Hark, it's a two horse raise like the American

Democratic Party's Hillary Clinton and Bernie 

Sanders :: who have now rephrased the term for

hair's breath or sliver with HilBerPhenom.  

Alphabet will own the data that Google uncovers.

If you thought the emergence of MicroSoft was

bad or too swift, you haven't seen anything yet. 

Facebook, too, is getting more intimate with its

users.  Wouldn't I love a crack at creating a 

company for Mark's backing to market and sell

Facebook intelligence while protecting and

proprietary and personal information.   The only

big weakness I see in Facebook over the 

upstart Twitter has is you can't report abusers.  I

did hear or read somewhere  (sorry information

travels thru me faster than North Korea's arms

race) ::: a lady or gals are taking the guys dick

and posting it on his timeline so his wife, family,

friends, boss, or clients can see ::: not such a 

bad idea, except not something I want to risk 

my credibility with having porn pass thru my

computer or end up on my online photo album.

Yikes!  Mamma Mia!!  Shudders.

MicroSoft's Paint props to  Xerox 

invention :: the mouse (which Apple stole to

introduce The MAC).  I am fiddling around

and creating some computer art.  Idea farm

::: create an attachment for a stylus on a lap-

top for artists, amateurs, creators like me!!

Leadership defined

"If you can't feed a hundred people, then just feed one."        ~ Mother Teresa

The Business Insider posted  12 ways to become a charismatic leader and I took note because leadership is one of my favorite topics.  Not because I, myself, am in a position of leadership in my career.  However, I have worked with and for some phenomenal leaders. 

The Richter scale of social influence

As one climbs the Richter scale of social influence, comes a responsibility.   Charisma is often associated with power and paid attention to.

As your following grows, so does the likelihood of clicks on articles you share.  If you are trying to become noted in the stratosphere, it is important to consider your reputation ... and what topics or topic you want to be known for.  

Consistency pays dividends.

In her book,  " The Charisma Myth:  Olivia Fox Cabane's says that people aren't born with charisma. They acquire it through knowledge and practice.

As a student and observer, I want to learn and adopt the attributes of a social media leader.  If you are midway, starting out, or think you've arrived, consider these important lessons.

The law of attraction:  

You don't have to be the prettiest lady or handsomest man to be at the top.  It helps to be attractive, but more importantly, your profile photo should communicate professionalism, confidence, poise and friendliness.


You interact with people.  You recognize those that take the time to comment, share, #RT or respond to you.  The talented ones will reply to you in a manner that you feel they've been paying attention to you. 


It is sometimes difficult to be ever-present.  Yet their are tools available to help you along the way.  You can thank people for their follow, share, #RT even if you are away working in real life, or participating in real life.  I plan to write about some of my favorite tools under a different post: so stay tuned.


Regardless of how many followers you have or the level of Klout you've been awarded with you have to remember that you were once at the bottom.  Don't forget that ever.  If you fail to acknowledge those that hold you in high esteem and only reply to those you think are on your level, or above, your star can fade.


Be aware of who or what you are saying.  It may become your destiny.  People are not drawn to rants, they are drawn to inspiration, motivation, knowledge and positiveness.  Similarly, for all the good you may do, sharing a porn post or image can disassemble all the good work you have done.  Case in point, I use a tool that shares the best images, yet sometimes nudity or erotica slips through.  I will go back and delete it.  Not because I am a fuddy-duddy, but because it is not who I am or what I want to be known for.


Be authentic.  People can sense this.  Unless you're a celebrity or politician that people follow because they want to watch how far you will push the envelope, you should be honest and trust-worthy.  Don't fall into the trap of voicing others, adopting as your own.  You will be caught.  The information is out there.


Don't call yourself an expert at anything.  That isn't for you to define.  It is a description that others award you with.  That doesn't mean you don't share, post or write about matters that you can convey confidence in.  For example, I write about sales success based on my own experiences.  I have the awards and recognition to back it up.  I've never been recognized online for anything.  My blog has never been included on any watch or read list.  Yet I'm comfortable sharing what I know because it was real.


Pay attention to what is going on.  If you decide to participate in a conversation or viral campaign, you can inject your opinion because you have paid attention.  


You have the ability to recognize talent.  You congratulate others achievements.  You champion their discoveries and you become a cheerleader to many people or causes that resonate with you.  If you become a champion yourself, you do it because you want to help, not to capture a piece of the pie for yourself.


You don't have to have a big ego to be successful.  Yet often many forget their roots and let their ego self go in their stead.  If that is who or what you want to be known for then continue at your own peril.  Eventually, people will see it for what it is and find someone more authentic to heed.


Don't fall into the trap of being a victim of your own voice, tweets, or posts.  Take the time to give credit to the artist, creator, musician, photographer you are sharing.  Some step on those who gave them a boost up and are captive to their own stuff.  Forgetting to mention where it came from, least others perceive it as your own creation:  that is stealing.


Don't become lazy and only rely on posting images, tagging others to increase your reputation.  Lend support and give variety to what you share.  Take two seconds and like, share or #RT something from one of your supporters, because that can add flare and interest.  You will be multi-dimensional and more intriguing.


Don't become too ingrained in one platform.  Be visible everywhere, re-inforcing your reputation and champion of others, positive messages or inspirational creations.


Author a blog on matters that appeal to you and the likelihood it will find you a following.  Be a content creator:  the true currency of social media.  A storyteller and informer.  Others may dabble in your discoveries or flock to your words.


Believe in yourself, be passionate for your cause, be honest in your interactions.  That is where the fuel is hidden that will leap you in front of those that matter:  the ones who find you matter.  Don't give up.  Be patient.  Your turn will arrive.  It just may not be the way you had planned, the journey can be different while the ultimate goal remains the same.


Be known for your warmth.  A safe haven to many.  An example for the discouraged.  You won't be known for warmth, if you are exuding power or ego.  Be satisfied if one person heard you.  You don't need to shout above the noise.   Have a reputation of kindness, be a leader in goodness, promote peace and humanity.  Share your knowledge for the goodness of everyone. 


Be true to yourself begets confidence in your message.  It is easy to doubt yourself or compare yourself with others.  Be sure you are unique.  Be the example you have always wanted to have.  You are not an imposter if you are saying your own words.  You have just not been discovered yet.


Notoriety is the path you set on customized to your voice.  Fame is fleeting while notoriety lives forever.  What is your legacy?  What would you want to be remembered for?  Are you on a path towards a great destiny?  Will it be to help others, lead the way, uncover great opportunities?  Those should be your goals, not fame.


Money is considered important in various degrees.  What it means to different people is a formula that can be unique.  Good fortune does not always happen in currency.  It can mean happiness, health, love, family, knowledge.  Philanthropy is bestowed upon only the very few of wealth with the privilege to do something with it.  Only a few do.  Define your own good fortune.  Mine is creativity.  It allows me to appreciate my unique talent in a way that allows me to embrace happiness, health, love, family and accumulate more knowledge.  To be shared.  To make the world a better place.


Set about to create your own mantra.  A statement about who you are and what you want yourself and the few you are lucky enough will follow you.  I want to be surrounded by talented people who work hard to make the world a kinder one.  I hope to help others become remarkable.  In their own way, in their own voice.  As their champion and cheerleader.