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Happy American Thanksgiving

I wanted to take a few minutes to pay tribute to my American cousins for a blessed, happy, peaceful thanksgiving celebrated with good friends, family, and good cheer.

Visuals promote your message

I have referenced this topic before in my blogging:  visuals support and promote your message on social media.  If you want to attract clicks, shares, reposts, you will increase it by 80% if it is supported by a great visual.

Why 80%?  Well, back in the day, when I was selling magazine advertising, we were handed this stat to feed advertisers, that color advertising increases viewership by 80%.  I used this stat today, simply because it is probably at least that.  I will research and add to this post any statistics I find from reliable sources.  Or, if you can add, let the comments roll .....

There are several established social media stars who use photography as a means to tag and share the photos on their own, or with a quote, or with mere words.

I find Pinterest to be the best platform that allows you to save and organize your images.  I almost always save my favorite photos to Pinterest so that I can reference or use later on.  Or, like, many, simply save for visual stimulation or appreciation of photographer talent.

I do try to give credit where credit is due.  After all, photographers readily share their work with intent to earn revenue.  I'd hazard a guess, that it is hard to police who is sharing your work.  I would recommend a subtle credit within the image to your website, or 500pix, Flickr, InstaGRAM, Tumblr, Google+ or wherever it is you post most of your work.  (Hint, if you're an artist or photographer it is wise to be on those sites to promote your work).  

If I'm using a link, Infographic or photograph for more ongoing reference on my Blog, I will write a note under the CONTACTS page asking permission or notifying the source, that I am doing so.  I've never been declined.  Although, I have to say, except one cartoonist who wanted money.  Since I am a non profit blogger, without posting ads (I used to but found them too distracting and it takes forever to earn any income from Google, so I now bypass that annoyance).

I'm curious about copyright laws as it relates to the web.  As mentioned, if you put it out there, it seems that people will gobble it up ... the challenge is they do that for free.  

If you are not an online business venture, website for commercial business or brand, then the least you can do is credit the photographer or artist.  However, with so many shares, reposts, and social sharing sites, it is difficult to give the proper nod to credit, if the originating image isn't credit.

To emphasize my point, just look at the images that have been liked or shared the most this week:


Simon Sebastian is smart.  His home page has his images consolidated with quotes that must speak to him as an artist or conveys a message that he feels resonate with the image.  Notice he also has all the smart references discretely included on his photograph -- name, website and copyright.

Unfortunately, as mentioned, there are some great ones that start circulating that aren't credited.  This one is a favorite.  Whimsical images with animals are popular and often a hit.

This week, this superb image of Marilyn Monroe has gotten a lot of traction.  Images with famous people go over well and attract attention.  Remember, you are trying to attract people's attention to your message.


The point to this is that you can usually find and credit the source of the talent.  You just can't be lazy.  It may take you a few more minutes to search for it.  The artist and photographer will appreciate it.  Their images can still be sold commercially to be used on website or printed materials like brochures, marketing collateral, annual reports, or ads so it isn't an exercise in vain.  

You can help exposure by including, by habit, the credit.  If they are savvy, which most aren't as vigilant because their skill and craft is in images, not always business.

The iconic portrayal of alltime favorite sex symbol, Marilyn Monroe, was found on Pinterest with credit sourced: which within that to find the artist Vovoskedi on Deviant Art - a popular site for creative talent in pop culture.  (I did comment so that Vovoskedi would know I had shared it and credited).  I give the creative the opportunity to ask me to remove it.  If you're trying to get more widespread recognition, it certainly won't hurt.

The following resonated with my mood yesterday, I tweeted it on Twitter, used it to show appreciation of followers and friends on Facebook ("good friends protect you from the elements") 

Sadly, credit to the photographer wasn't given.  I went so far as 500px and keyed in the photo number, as shown, and got an error message.  That is disappointing when you are trying to go out of your way to credit them.

By clicking on the VISIT SITE link on Pinterest I was able to find the source of this photo that is appealing to many:  

SOURCE:  Image on Flickr by Larry Gerbrandt

Scenes are popular with many .... maybe reminders of home or dreams to visit.  Others, resonate with what is going on at the moment.  With our cousins to the south soon to be celebrating American Thanksgiving, I wonder how many of you want to try to sharing this with your Thanksgiving cheer?  Apple pie and the American Flag are symbolic and memorable.  By seeking to assign the appropriate credit, I unmasked another great site for finding superb images:  The Chive.

So go ahead and try it.  Attach an image to your quote, message, tweet, post, share and see how far it can take you.  Your fans will appreciate it almost as much as the talent you are crediting.

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